Serving the Central Florida real estate market for more than 20 years, Jamie DiSalvatore has worked every aspect of the industry

representing sellers,buyers,investors & banks in high-end residential, commercial, industrial, and investment properties Backed by strong work ethics and constant search for excellence, Jamie maintained a multi-million dollar sales volume that increased year after year, even in today's economy. She received numerous awards for her outstanding performance. In 2011, Jamie opened her own company, DiSalvatore & Associates, Inc. Thanks to her exceptional loyal clientèle personal referrals and repeat business form the foundation of Jamie’s career. “HOW DOES IT GET EVEN BETTER THAN THAT?”

Born in the Midwest and educated in the Northeast, Jamie has been a Florida successful entrepreneur since 1974. She started with the development of her own business in South Florida. After selling her business, Jamie moved to Central Florida where she realized that her special entrepreneurship abilities would be best used in the real estate arena.

In her new career direction, Jamie started as a real estate consultant with the challenging task to develop a Corporate Executive Housing Department in a large existing apartment complex.This was a first in Central Florida. Jamie converted 80+ apartments into corporate units and rented them to major US corporations relocating high-level executives. Most of the companies were part of the Fortune 500. Jamie's brilliant services were highly valued by the apartment complex developer/owner.

After acting as a facilitator in the sale of the apartment complex, Jamie moved to the real estate brokerage field as a full-time professional. As a member of the Orlando, Florida and National and International Association of Realtors Jamie's track records cover low to high-end residential homes as well as commercial properties such as entire subdivisions sales.

Jamie has also excelled in bringing to closing industrial and investment properties.

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