I don't think Chrome ... Chrome. It looks like Firefox doesn't attempt to italicize text when it doesn't have italic version of that font. Thank You. Fonts from Typekit work in all browsers which support web fonts on Mac OS X, Windows, and Chrome OS, as well as most mobile browsers. One of the cardinal rules of engagement on the internet is Dont Read the Comments. But this is not the same case though. Are you not smoothing them out? It doesn't even work on chrome web store. ... Bummer, didn't work for me either. Arial. I guess they fixed the general problem with small-caps in Chrome 6, but not in the case of web-fonts. Google Fonts doesn't render correctly in Chrome, Google's own browser. Bizarre, right? If you are using font awesome then you might have noticed that icons fonts don't appear in Firefox and it happens when you try to use CDN services. I've read that post and already tried the solution you provided. There might be a few more. But not in chrome ?? I want fonts to be readable. Chrome's fonts do not look as good as IE's. I understand why Firefox is doing this; they don't want to butcher text presentation with pseudo-italic transformation. As you browse the web, its not uncommon to come across sites that look different from one device to another. ... Its working in firefox. Here's how to solve the issue. Web fonts don't print ... correctly, some don't. Diagnosing. Unfortunately custom web fonts via CDN don't work in Firefox or Internet Explorer by default ... All work with chrome but with IE et FF no icons. Icon Font Inline SVG; Proxy browsers like Opera Mini or UC Browser don't support @font-face at all, even though they sometimes report that they do. The rea YOU DONT KNOW JACK Jackbox Games, Berkeley Systems, Jellyvision, Melog Productions Inc, BMG Interactive, Take-Two Interactive I'm assuming it's because you don't have this Certain websites aren't rendering fonts ... Fonts appear different in Microsoft Edge ... Fonts that should be sans serif are displaying with serif type fonts. ... Bummer, didn't work for me either. The problem is specifically with Adobe fonts. ... don't work. 1. The tabs, menus, and chrome:// pages still render blurry texts, and the black texts still look grey. I dont know the technical aspects behind this, and Chromium on other platforms isnt susceptible to the same shortcomings, but if youve carefully designed a site on some Unix-like OS like Mac OS X or some flavor of Linux with sub-pixel smoothing enabled, youre going to be sorely Probably not happening (yet), but Im still eagerly awaiting the first device that leverages both Chrome OS and Android as a parallel boot setup. It doesn't bug me much other than having to self-host font files and ensure they're in the hacky order to fix Chrome's issue. Google Fonts uses Web Open Font Format (WOFF), which is good, because it's the recommended font format by the W3C. Simply put, larger font sizes look ugly in Chrome (Windows). But these are the best 15 web safe fonts to choose from. How to Fix Google Chrome Font Rendering Issues. Css not working in chrome responsive mode. Unless you've been under a rock the last few months you know about the Google Font API. (Windows 7, Chrome 52, ... Also you DO use DPI scaling in Windows, don't you? Notice the "My Subreddits" is smaller and a different font? I get fonts with missing pieces, fonts that dont render completely, ... and Id like it to work right. (Windows 7, Chrome 52, ... Also you DO use DPI scaling in Windows, don't you? Chrome's fonts look off. ... experiencing this while trying to print barcode labels from Chrome.