Start Packing! Six Steps To Make Your Home Scream BUY ME! “This information is valuable”

I am sharing with you a good starting point that can involve the entire family.

This is a great time to start preparing your home to sell while you are at home with your family with their help to contribute to the chores involved in this stage of preparation. Make it fun! Give everyone an assignment and each in charge of their own bedrooms. With or without your help and depending on their ages of course have them go through there drawers,closets, under beds and remove anything they are not using,have grown out of or in need of repairing. Give it away, gift it away or toss it. Re-organize clothing so its neat and spacious, especially the closets. Best to look 50% or less full and spacious. When a buyer may look into the closets and see the space it can give the illussion of being larger than it really is. If you must keep things, pack them up label them and put in a stack in your garage/attic in a designated location to keep it all well oragnized when its time to make that move.
Clean everything furniture, window treatments, drapes, base boards, windows and floors. IF you have bookshelves in the bedrooms do the same, go through the books and make the shelves look attractive. Always remember less is more when it comes to selling a home.
After the bedrooms are completed go room to room. The feeling of more space, organization and cleanliness will and can change your outlook on life.
Should you not have an eye for decorative touches or need advice on what to do, I can help you just send me pictures or a short video or we can do a video call. My email is or text me 407-492-1190. Let me know how you do, the challenges and triumphs.
All the Best to your Families.