Coming Soon... Authentic English County Estate is sited on 7.61 acres of rolling lawns.It boasts 2 pools, a guest house,cottage,pavilion,gazebo,and park. “The Boys’ Club”includes a 10-bay garage, office/kitchen,workshop and RV garage. Privately gated and accessed by its own brick and extensively paved streets, you will find this Unique Custom Compound unparalleled by any other Affluent property in the Orlando area. Someone could land & take off in a helicopter from the estate with property permitting.

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Review by Maria Beatriz Lagos Charme
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After my mother died in early August I was in contact with the local attorney that prepared her trust. Not residing in the area I asked if he would recommend a real estate agent. I was told that Jamie DiSalvatore was very thorough,effective, and easy to work with.

He was correct on all counts! Jamie provided numerous sales,advice and a list price that week and offers were coming in. As I was out of town she dealt with the contractor to make sure work was done. Jamie even went so far as to hold them accountable for an already quoted price when they asked for additional funds. The closing occurred in early December.

Everything regarding the listing,offer, negotiations, and final sale went very smoothly. I am a state of Florida registered professional engineer so my expectations and understanding of how things should be done may be a little higher than most people. I must say Jamie more than exceeded my expectations fro start to finish.

Sincerely, Carl
Carl R. Larrabee, Jr. P.E.

It has been our extreme pleasure to have worked with the above real estate agent, Jamie DiSalvatore, not once but twice during the past twenty-two months, not only as a buyer but as a seller as well.  Both were most pleasurable and satisfactory experiences.  

We first met Jamie as the listing agent of a home we were interested in purchasing.  Although her first responsibility was to the seller, she managed to coordinate both responsibilities, most amicably.  All our questions were answered promptly and in a straightforward manner.

Jamie arraigned for a survey, an appraisal, a home inspection by a bonded firm, a  termite inspection, a cost estimate of needed and cosmetic repairs from a reputable licensed contractor  and a multitude of other tasks that always precede a real estate sale.  She also offered assistance in locating mortgage financing had that been necessary.

Several times during negotiations various obstacles surfaced but Jamie was able to diplomatically appease both buyer and seller until a mutually satisfactory price and sales contract were agreed upon.  We have since been most happy with our purchase and have experienced no undisclosed surprises.

We  were so impressed with Jamie’s diligent and untiring efforts that we asked her to list and sell our existing home when we moved into our new one. Jamie arranged for and supervised several cosmetic repairs, and made certain the house was in a fully “showable” condition at all times.

Through her ongoing diligence of continued advertising, numerous open houses for the public as well as for fellow agents, plus a bit of pure tenacity, Jamie sold our home at a price acceptable to us as well as to the buyer.

We feel Jamie DiSalvatore is well worth serious consideration as an agent for a homebuyer or a seller.  Either will find her to be hard working, knowledgeable, helpful, diligent and most importantly...honest!

Bill and Yvonne Austin

To Whom It May Concern:

We do have a longtime professional relationship with Jamie DiSalvatore, President of Jamie DiSalvatore & Associates.  Doing business with her has always been a great experience.  She always acted as a pro with a can do attitude, integrity and most of all honesty.

Jamie DiSalvatore & Associates covers a full spectrum of real estate activities, with focus on Central Florida properties.  They successfully negotiated brokerage of vacant lots, half-built homes, new homes and resales.  Their professional services include pre-marketing, marketing and managing the sales as well as listings of several REO developments.  They handle every transaction  aspects from start to finish, including market analysis, statistics, operational management, contracts ( listings & sales), escrows, broker price opinions and whatever it takes to get the job done.
I am highly recommending Jamie DiSalvatore and her team for any real estate transaction.

Serge Polakoff

Hi Jamie,

We had a wonderful experience working with you  and would be happy to be a reference.

 James F. Goldsmith

Dear Jamie,

Both Lorna and I wish to express our deep appreciation for all your assistance, hard work, and most excellent advice in the past several months.  We were both in recovery from very serious illness.  Your  consideration, the timing of house marketing, the advertised description of the home, interaction with potential buyers, including those from out of state, were extremely helpful. Your suggestions for how to best market and show it were instrumental  in bringing the sale to a close.

We could not have done this by ourselves.  Every suggestion and recommendation resulted in more foot traffic offers and the sale.  Your advice and assistance in evaluating offers, the soundness of  any decision to follow through on the offers was essential to the sale.  As you predicted, marketing timing, staging and advertising was critical.  We are grateful for your diligence in keeping us well informed through every stage of the selling process.

Throughout our lives we have bought and sold many houses and we have now bought and sold a home with you.  We have never had a better buying, selling or closing experience.  We know this was not the most expensive house in your inventory, but we feel that we were treated as if it were.  I am sure that everyone you have helped feels as we do.

Our friendship has meant a great deal to us as well.  Your vivacious personality obviously places potential buyers and sellers at ease.  Your kind professionalism is a great credit to you and a high standard to be emulated by others in your profession.

Thank you again for all your help.

With great affection,

Griff and Lorna Winthrop

Dear Jamie,

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the work you did in connection with the sale  of my deceased uncle’s  house in Orlando.

You were absolutely delightful to work with and despite the fact that we  never actually met, we developed a wonderful relationship over the phone and I trust your judgement completely.  In addition, your energy and drive was simply amazing.  You found suitable buyers and we were able to close on the house much faster than I had expected.

Selling  a house from afar can be a daunting experience unless one trusts the real estate agent.  You were recommended to me by my lawyer and I am so grateful that they chose you.(I am sending them a copy of this letter for their future reference).

Another problem created by the distance was the sale of my uncle’s household items and personal effects.  Once again, you connected me with an organization that proved to be trustworthy and reliable such that even over the phone I had a high level confidence in their professionalism.  The result of their sale was also quite satisfactory.

Simply put, I have had the occasion to work with real estate brokers before in the purchase of both our apartment and country house in New York. While I was not dissatisfied with them, there is simply no comparison to your diligence, hard work, professionalism and most of all, positive and friendly attitude.  I can’t thank you enough for your help. I only wish I had more properties in Florida that would allow us to work together.

Thank you again,   Robert L. Eisen

Our most favoritest RE agent in the whole wide world land dear dear friend! When are you coming to Maine? We live in a circa 1780 farm house which has a guest suite par excellence in 1.8 acres of woodland. Snow is melting and temps above 40 !  Hope all is well with you and yours !

Thank you, Lorna W.

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Jamie DiSalvatore

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This “client first” philosophy has always been my approach and it requires me to continually improve my skills and ways of doing business. In addition, I’ve found that the latest technologies are enabling me to do everything I’ve always done, only much more quickly and efficiently. They’ve also helped me to extend the range of services I provide to my clients.

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