Selling a Home in the Orlando Market

Selling A Home in the Orlando Market

The first decision you make in selling your home is perhaps the most important: listing your home with the right Realtor…


Listing with DiSalvatore & Associates Inc.

Our associates combine knowledge, enthusiasm and a strong work ethic to serve their buyers in a professional manner. Our motto is “Taking you from where you are to where you dream to be”. For us, this is more than a slogan. Our Realtors live in the areas they serve, and serve in the areas they live. You and your home are important to us, not only professionally, but as friends

Marketing Your Property

A realistic market evaluation is the next step toward the prompt sale of your property at a price acceptable to you. We have access to current tax assessments, tax appraisal values, maps and records for all counties within the Central Florida area, computer listings of all sales in your area for the past week, month and year, as well as historical data. Last, but not least, you have the unique professional knowledge and experience of your individual  Realtor. Our Company  is committed to the maximum exposure of your property by using proven sales methods, as well as the latest marketing techniques.

While Realtor’s individual styles and marketing techniques may vary, we will:

    • Place our “For Sale” sign on your property. Numerous homes sell each year through this simple and effective form of advertising.
    • Enter all the information concerning your house into the Multiple Listing Service, a computer based system that can provide complete information (including color photos) to all 12,357 members of the Orlando Area Board of Realtors.
    • Each house is unique and we craft a marketing strategy to fit each home’s special qualities.we market to potential buyers, both local and out of the area Including international), and we market to other realtors working with buyers in your area.
    • Discuss your property with Realtors. We want to be able to speak intelligently about your property to their clients, as well as to others, when calls come in.
    • We offer a fully customized website,rotating featured property on our website,Custom video of your home on utube and many other video sites.
    • Featured on our Face Book Business page,Professional designer consultatio for stating/prep/suggestins to sell,Custom Flyers just to name a few and many other  your hometilize additional publications .
    • our website at, other internet venues (such as,
    • Our extensive social media and network of professional and business memberships to increase exposure for your home.


  • Schedule an Open House for your home, with your approval, making it convenient for prospective buyers to inspect your property.
  • Preparing Your Home For Sale


First impressions are lasting impressions. You can help make a prospective buyer’s first impression of your home one that will capture their imagination – and quickly lead to an offer. We will suggest a few small changes, such as those listed below, that may make a big difference in the sale of your home.

Outside: – Keep the grass cut and free of weeds.
– Mulch around shrubs and flower beds..
– Remove dead trees, branches and lawn debris.
– Touch up painted surfaces, including spouting, shutters and especially the front door.

Inside: – Clean and straighten all rooms.
– Minimize clutter in closets, attics, children’s rooms, etc.
– Clean, paint or touch up all painted wall and trim surfaces.
– Clean all windows. A sparkling window can make a big difference!
– Repair any doors that stick, especially sliding or bifold closet doors.
– Remove oil and grease stains from the garage floor.
– Clean and caulk around bathtubs and showers and replace any broken tiles.

These are but a few suggestions we may make to help you achieve premium dollar for your property. Call your today for our complete marketing services!

Showing Your Home

It is not necessary for you to be present during showings. Lock boxes (that fit over an outside doorknob and hold a key to your home) will be provided by your Realtor in order to facilitate the showing of your home, with your permission, in your absence. If you desire to remain during a showing, we have found it best that the sellers minimize conversation with the buyers. Let your Realtor respond to the buyer’s questions about price, occupancy, terms and other contractual questions. Sometimes your Realtor may seem to overlook features you think are important. This is because your Realtor knows the buyer’s likes and dislikes and is attempting to emphasize what is important to the buyer.

Prior to any Open House/Showing:

  • Turn on all lights & open all drapes. Remove distracting personal memorabilia, such as the “family bulletin board” on the refrigerator.
  • Turn off the TV and all loud distracting music; turn on soft, relaxing music.
  • Avoid cooking meals immediately before a showing.
  • Remove all pets from the house.

Negotiating the Purchase Agreement

As soon as any written offer is received, we will discuss it with you and answer any questions you may have. You decide whether to accept the offer as written, or to make a counter offer on any of the contract items (including price, closing date, occupancy, and other negotiable items). Please bear in mind that your we are required to present all written offers received, even though the terms and conditions of a particular offer may not meet your expectations.


Once agreement is reached between buyer and seller, the sale of your property is complete. It is the custom in the Orlando area that “earnest money” be held in escrow, until the transaction is closed. Between sale and closing, we will keep you advised on the status of the buyer’s loan application, inspections reports, any repairs that may be indicated, and the closing process. At the closing table, you will receive a statement summarizing the disbursement of all funds – including your net proceeds from the sale.