Focus on curb appeal!

Since we are now at home with our families during this Pandemic, a great project to work on with your family is the outside beautification or curb appeal of your home, whether your selling  in the future or not. Spring is here! It will keep the kids busy also.

The front door is the most important feature and the entry is a focal point. Does it need to be painted or replaced? Maybe it just needs new hardware. Pressure clean or just an easy hose down of the exterior of your house, walkways and porches/patios is all it needs to tidy up. and or maybe just a fresh coat of paint can be your best investment. Clean those gutters out.

Re-energize the front area with fresh flowers along the path to the front door adding color to your landscaping, a new black mat at the front door, mulching be creative . Home Depot and Lowes are both open and respect the social distancing rule! They both have a nice exterior garden area. Or perhaps a visit to your local nursery. The sun is good for you 4-6 hours a day is natural vitamins needed.

Make the most of the time spent at home and outside in this beautiful weather.Warning! If you have allergies wear a mask for sure.